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2016 Participants

Rocky Mountain

Crystal Clear Technologies
Sedona, AZ

CCT developed patented technology for removing toxic metals from water in the power plant, drinking water, metals and food processing industries. The product is an absorbent material based on sustainable raw materials. The launch market, power plants, is facing new regulations on Selenium and expensive, complex solutions from incumbent technology providers. Business model is to partner with industry associations and water treatment companies for market access.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Department of Energy recently included linear LEDs among the “most fertile ground” for energy savings; linear fluorescent lamps (LFL) comprise 80% of all commercial/industrial lighting. iLumens is a LFL-replacing LED lamp technology that uses the existing infrastructure: it has Plug-&-Play (works with electronic ballasts), Constant Lumens (consistent brightness and lamp lifetimes), Dimmability (using existing ballasts), and wired/wireless communication technologies.

Commute Matters
Lafayette, CO

Commute Matters improves retention by optimizing employees by location, reducing commutes & traffic. Our SaaS Commute Optimization system helps employees work closer to home, reducing turnover, and improving absenteeism, morale, productivity and customer svc. A co. like Chili’s can save $20M/yr. One retailer in one city can reduce traffic by 12M miles & CO2 by 6500 tons in one yr. It’s a no-brainer for companies - it’s a benefit to employees w/an immediate positive impact on the bottom line.

Reef Life Restoration
Salt Lake City, UT

75% of global coral reefs are dying. Healthy reefs provide $29.8 billion economic benefits. Reef Life’s best in class nano science and decades of expertise in architectural eco construction combine to solve site specific coral devastation. Time release acidification micro climate reparation structures join toxic absorption fences in our line of custom reef solutions. Engineered art sculpture dive reefs enhance tourism while delivering carbon mitigation, growing coral and marine mineral species.

Global Village Power, LLC
Fort Collins, CO

Every day, Ghanaians are becoming sick, even dying from activities that we take for granted: cooking a meal, having a medical procedure or taking a drink of water. Traditional alcohol distillers are burning down the forests/causing pollution. The elegant solution: a clean, energy-efficient commercial cookstove that can be easily adapted to a medical equipment sterilizer and a water pasteurizer that reduces fuel use/emissions by 90% and a custom-made still with 70% fuel/emissions reductions.

Solitude, UT

Helios is the first company to successfully design a high-performance solar thermal collector for widespread use based on polymers. This high-efficiency, low-cost “Helios 3D” collector can be used to supply hot water, heating and cooling for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Tests show that our prototype collector panels capture twice as much heat from the sun as competitive collectors and the cost to make them will be lower. Our goal is to be in commercial production within a year.

InCycle Water
Tucson, AZ

We sell modular rainwater harvesting (RWH) tanks to home builders, remodelers, landscape architects, RWH installers, and homeowners. Unlike other ugly and bulky tanks, our solution is like a big LEGO. In addition to storing water, you can combine our tanks to build patio walls, sheds, or other things. These tanks are designed to match your home and create your own unique design. Our solution gives end users design flexibility in reaching their water conservation goals.

Big Blue Technologies
Broomfield, CO

Big Blue Tech operates a proprietary magnesium (Mg) production process with reduced energy inputs. Blue’s mission is to enable expansion of Mg-based products: lightweight auto components, next-gen batteries, bioabsorbable medical implants. As the lightest structural metal, Mg can replace aluminum and steel parts. High domestic prices owing to monopolistic production practices in the US have elicited discontent by Mg customers. Enter Big Blue Tech, working toward a lighter future.

Larix Chemical Science LLC
Golden, CO

Larix manufactures a variety of specialty chemicals with lower cost and less pollution than standard methods. Our products include chemical building blocks and bio-derived polymers suitable for additive manufacturing. We solve problems of supply chain cost and supply chain pollution while enabling creatives and designers to access new spaces through new materials. One of our products is a wood waste-derived polymer with the beauty, strength, and workability of hardwoods.

Urbix Resources, LLC
Phoenix, AZ

Urbix Resources strives to be a leading North American graphite processor, leveraging its unique access to one of the largest commercially producing graphite reserve in North America. Focusing on purity levels greater than 99.99%, Urbix Resources is capable of bringing commercially viable spherical graphite, graphene, and carbon-ceramic composites to the global market.

Wave Solar Technologies
Fort Collins, CO

This is an energy co-generation system so that the excess heat from one part of the system powers the next. We are able to generate electricity from the sun and use the waste energy to run your water heater, as well as heat or cool your house. We use a smaller thermal solar panel that isn't as dependent on the roof angle. This system can act as a generator even when the sun isn't out and with the money this system saves it pays for itself in five years.

Saint Louis, MI

nanoMetallix has engineered a new class of aluminum nanocomposites, utilizing novel passivation techniques to provide tailorable compounds for mission-specific applications. Controllable particle size and capping effectiveness allow customers access to unprecedented efficiency for propulsion, detonation, and other energetic systems. Synthesis procedures are inherently scalable, allowing for rapid expansion to meet large demand.

Agua Inc
Boulder, CO

Constructed wetlands have been used for decades as an ecological wastewater treatment solution by replacing mechanized processes with biological processes using phytoremediation plants. Unfortunately, they require huge amounts of land and their gravel infill decreases aeration efficiency and assimilation of nutrients. However, using Agua's unique hardware, we call ABIS, we can put the same phytoremediation plants in flotation thus reducing the system footprint and cost by 50% for cities.

South Central

Dejalytics, Inc.
Austin, TX

Dejalytics predicts electricity prices. For solar and wind power generators, our data can increase revenues by 10% or more, cutting payback time by 50%. For industrial/commercial users, our data can help cut their costs by 10% or more. For power traders, our data reduces risk and increases profits by 10% or more. In all scenarios, there is zero up front investment for our cloud-based analytics subscription service.

Skyven Technologies
Dallas, TX

Skyven's solar thermal collectors allow commercial and industrial facilities to produce thermal energy at four times the efficiency and half the cost of PV. Combined with low cost thermal energy storage, our systems can provide heating and/or cooling both day and night, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and the local electric grid.

Bliss Transit
Austin, TX

Bliss Transit is a provider of workforce commuting solutions to business. Our customers are medium to large employers in need of a differentiated recruiting and retention advantage, and provide a means of transport and productivity for their talent. We support Austin's economic vitality and sustainability by providing Austin Employers with transportation programs that enhance access, improve parking management, and manage mobility to, from, and within the Downtown Austin area.

Diti, Inc.
Kenner, LA

Need cost-efficient, scalable, modular, flexible clean energy generation, storage and carbon capture?. With Diti, you can choose all of the above! Innovative and completely out-of-the-box technologies. Significantly cost-effective vs other technologies in terms of infrastructure, setup costs, power/energy density per unit area and hence land costs, operating cost, maintenance cost, scalability, energy/power density, flexibility of usage settings. You define the problem, we provide the solution!

Artesian Insights
Houston, TX

We are going to vastly improve the quality of water knowledge that businesses include in their project and operational plans. By harnessing the power of Cloud Computing and Big Data to comb through dynamic and messy data, statistical and social data types, both historical and current, we are able to provide actionable knowledge for understanding water availability anywhere. This will ultimately change how we think about Earth’s most precious resource.

Austin, TX

For many US oil companies, produced water treatment is expensive, time consuming, energy intensive, and doesn't completely remove oil from water. Current options aren't eco-friendly and produce hazardous waste. TX2O is a drop-in replacement to current technology and can be regenerated without degradation in performance and with no hazardous waste—making it both eco-friendly and economically efficient. We are seeking a seed investment of $1.7 million and in 5 years, we project an ROI of 30x.

Austin, TX

People have spent a century trying to exploit thermionic emission as the ultimate solution to generate highly efficient electricity from common heat sources: steam, coal, nuclear, et al. We saw it a different way; thermionics is the ultimate solution because it is ubiquitous, not because it is efficient. And so we built a prototype that generates electricity from ambient room heat. It can be designed for anything from mobile phones to power grids and it's environmental impact is nearly zero.

Houston, TX

WAVVE offers a low-cost gel that can simultaneously remove nutrients and heavy metals from water, possesses modifiable chemistry to adapt to different water contamination needs, and is a physically versatile material that can be incorporated into a range of existing water filtration systems, making it accessible to numerous applications and geographical areas. The regeneration and disposal of this gel is inexpensive since it is non-cytotoxic, biodegradable and can be easily regenerated.